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Major Elements of Curriculum

1.  Overall Methodology
     A gradual, multifaceted approach is applied to all lessons and activities  linking keywords, 
     concepts and other critical linguistic elements so learners could build up their
     confidence in applying English.
2.  Balanced Curriculum
     Instruction materials are carefully tailored-made to ensure learners could master the
     important techniques of a new language in listening, speaking, reading and writing English.
     Lesson plans include music, the arts, social studies, science, humanities and social
3.  Practical Spoken English
     Immersing learners through role-playing so they could participate in game-plays and 
     acquire  native-speaker skills naturally.
4.  Happy Singing of Children's Rhymes and Songs
     Through the natural power of music and repetitive melodies, young learners are motivated to
     express themselves in English thus reinforcing various elements of the language.
5.  Learning Through Games and Plays
     Games and plays encourage participation and competition. These activities form important
     elements of the overall curriculum. As opposed to traditional instruction methodology of
     English where the teachers talk and learners doze off, S2L kids fight to get into our games
     and plays.

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